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Every generation of the Fox family has a story to tell. And F. M. Isaacs is here to share them.

Family of the Fox
ISBN  10 : 0-692-04946-0
ISBN 13: 978-0-692-04946-4
ASIN: B0796998J6

CORINNE GREENE'S SAFE, SECURE WORLD IS SPIRALING OUT OF CONTROL. Her brother Daniel is apparently responsible for causing some kind of disaster, her mother's terminally ill ex-husband just made a miraculous recovery overnight, and exotic animals keep showing up in her suburban backyard. Since her relatives will not admit that anything strange is going on, she starts searching for answers on her own. When she uncovers a death certificate for her very-much-alive Uncle Jonas, the mystery only deepens.

Frustrated, Corinne enlists the aid of Allen, a "student observer" at her high school who has previously expressed interest in her origins. Allen helps her delve into her ancestry, including discovering a possible connection to a fairy-tale villain known as "The Fox".

Then Daniel disappears. Is Corinne’s family somehow involved, or could Allen have something to do with it? She soon realizes that if she fails to locate her brother and set things right, then her entire family, the "Family of the Fox", may be erased from existence.

Legacy of the Fox Cover.jpg

Trail of the Fox 

ISBN: 978-0-999-84019-1



In this second book in the Family of the Fox Trilogy, Corinne Greene and her great-uncle set out to to find the mythical "wizard"'s connection to their powerful family. Corinne must juggle this quest along with surviving her first year in college, having a new boyfriend, and dealing with her brothers' ongoing antics.

As they travel to different eras, Corinne and Uncle Jonas face growing threats. An elusive young girl shadows them through the centuries, while Corinne's professor threatens to reveal Jonas' true age and identity to the world. What begins as a journey of discovery about the past collides with events and people in the present, and the Family of the Fox could find itself endangered from plans centuries in the making...

Legacy of the Fox  

ISBN: 987-0-9998401-6-0

In an effort to rescue her uncle, Corinne confronts a mysterious baron who turns out to be as infamous as he is legendary. Why would this stranger kidnap Uncle Jonas? Could it have anything to do with Corinne's brother Matthew's reckless efforts to "heal the world"? Matthew may be the country's newest superstar and prophet, but he has put his entire family in the spotlight and in danger!

In this compelling final book of the Family of the Fox trilogy, Corinne must protect herself –and the world!– from powerful relatives past and present who refuse to play by the rules. Can she right the wrongs committed by her ancestors centuries ago while safeguarding her own future? What will be the ultimate legacy of the Family of the Fox?


Taunting Fate (2022

The adventures of Patricia Fox and Julian Greene, Corinne's parents. First of a trilogy.

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